Jamaica, I Will Never Forget You.

April 2-10.  A week that will forever have an imprint on my life and identity.  Two years ago I took my first international mission trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica with 30 of my best friends.  Words cannot describe the transformation that God did in my life in those 9 days.  If I were to talk about all the amazing memories, this post would never end.  But I thought it would be appropriate to bring attention to a little girl that I met who taught me that no matter what you go through, no obstacle is big enough for our God. 

This is Amanda.  She was one of the many children that I had the privilege of working with.  Her story is one that inspires me to this day.  Amanda lives with her single grandmother because her father was killed before her eyes from a gunshot and her mother is in jail because of drugs.  This girl has experienced more tragedy and heartbreak than most of us ever will.  What inspired me about Amanda was the fact that her favorite bible verse was Romans 8:31.

“What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”
– Romans 8:31

This little girl is basically an orphan however she still trusts God with her life.  She still believes that God is for her despite all that she has been through.  It’s pretty pathetic the things I complain about.  I’ll complain because I’m sore, or because I don’t want to study while there are millions of children out there who have far less materially than I ever will but have more of God’s joy than perhaps anyone on the entire planet.  I had the privilege of sitting down and talking to one of these children, and she changed my life.

“Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.
– Matthew 8:13

Your Friend, Derek Kim
Acts 20:24


Author: Derek Kunhee Kim (김건희/金健熙)

Pilgrim in Process. Univ. of San Diego Law. Retired Compassion Intern + Michigan State Tracklete. Novi HS Alumnus. Author of Four Years, Two Roads. Aspirant Polyglot.

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