April 10

April 10.  Another day that will forever be tattooed on my soul.  On this day 2 years ago, I had to say goodbye to a country that changed my life.  Today was the day I left Montego Bay, Jamaica after a week of doing God’s work.  It was the day I had to come “home.”

Even though I technically made it back “home” to Detroit, I still felt homesick.  In fact, I am still homesick to this day.  The trip was just another reminder of Jesus’ words in John 18:36 where he said

“My Kingdom is not of this world.”

This world is not our home.  For those of us who follow Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior may we be reminded that our residency is in Heaven.  Let’s make sure that we never get too comfortable here on Earth.   

A blog post will never justify the work God did in my life 2 years ago.  It has been 730 days since I last stepped foot on Jamaican soul but the lessons I learned in those 9 days are still fresh in my heart.  I wanted to highlight some of the experiences that will forever make up the man I am today.

1.  The Children
They were so joyful.  These kids were in rags, most of them didn’t have shoes, most of them didn’t have earthly parents.  But the one thing they had was a relationship with Jesus Christ and that was more than enough for them.

2.  The Team 

It’s unbelievable how much you grow closer to each other when you are a group of people pursing God’s heart.  We were 35 people on 1 mission.  I couldn’t help but constantly think of Matthew 6:33

“Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things be given to you as well”

When we are pursing the heart of God, everything will work out the way it is supposed to.  It was on this trip that I met some of my closest friends including one of the best friends, Connor.  When a group of believers are unified, that is when God is glorified.     

3.  The Island
To say that Jamaica is “beautiful” would be an insult to the intricacy of God’s handiwork.  The natural beauty of the island is breathtaking.  There is no way that this is all just an accident.  There is no way that all of this just somehow happened by itself.  No, this is only a tiny glimpse of God’s creation that screams out his glory.

God Bless you Jamaica.

Your Friend, Derek Kim
Acts 20:24

Author: Derek Kunhee Kim (김건희/金健熙)

Pilgrim in Process. Univ. of San Diego Law. Retired Compassion Intern + Michigan State Tracklete. Novi HS Alumnus. Author of Four Years, Two Roads. Aspirant Polyglot.

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