“One of the most breathtaking instances of my life.” (God’s Great Dance Floor)

If you follow me on Twitter, chances are you have seen a tweet about a conference I attended this past Christmas break. I would write about Passion 2013, however words cannot accurately describe the mind-boggling, history-shaping events that occurred in the Georgia Dome. Today I want to share a 7 minute, 11 second snippet of not only the climax of my week but of my entire fall semester. Through this experience with Chris Tomlin and 60,000 of my brothers and sisters, I began to experience God’s love in a way I was never able to before. I want to share with you the incomprehensible joy I discovered on God’s Great Dance Floor.

Fall semester of my sophomore year was incredibly difficult. For the first time in my life, I collectively struggled in every probable area; academically, athletically, and even spiritually. Do I really want to be a journalist? Am I supposed to be at Michigan State? I quickly became confused about the direction my life was heading.On top of everything, the Lord revealed it was time to address significant emotional and generational wounds that I had neglected throughout my adolescence. He used everything, from testimonies to even the feelings I had for a girl, to reveal it was time to experience healing like I never have before.

I began to lose confidence. Like a startled sheep, I took my eyes off the shepherd. Did I make a mistake in the college process? Is God mad at me? Is He truly enough for me?

0:01: And then I stepped onto God’s Great Dance Floor.

1:15: “You’ll never stop loving us! No matter how far we run! You’ll never give up on us! All of Heaven shouts, Let the Future Begin!

2:40: Three words: Mariachi trumpet player. I could not stop laughing, as I was enthralled in the freedom found in the cross.


3:35: Chris built the song back up a second time and tears of joy began to stream down my face.

5:28: I surrendered everything. I was jumping, screaming, and hugging people I did not know. One of the most breathtaking instances of my life.

The Lord ordained special seats for me that night, arms-length from the stage, front-and-center for the mariachi trumpet jamboree. At the crossroad of semesters, God’s Great Dance Floor was the medium through which God mended emotional and generational wounds that had been ignored in my family for decades.

It was the first time I felt as though I responded appropriately to the incredible gift of grace. It was the first time I felt as though my entire being was surrendered to worship.

Above all, I realized my present jubilee was a mockery in comparison to the merriment I will experience through the return of God’s son. No more pain, no more death, the glory of God replacing the sun, and the majesty of His name celebrated by every tribe and tongue for the rest of eternity.

On the second day of 2013, I experienced a microscopic taste of Heaven. I realized the joy and freedom I have in Christ vastly outweighs my iniquities. I realized that in any and every situation, Jesus is more than enough for me. I have a reason to dance now, tomorrow, and forevermore

If you see me on God’s Great Dance Floor today; whether I am in my dorm, in the car, or on my way to class, you will probably laugh at my dance maneuvers. But that is O.K., because I will laugh along with you. I will laugh along because I will reminisce the euphoria of grace I experienced from Jan. 1-4. I will laugh along because I cannot and will not contain my excitement for the Second Coming of my Savior, whom I will dance with for the rest of eternity. I will laugh along because I have the privilege of being part of a generation that declares Christ’s name and renown as the desire of their souls. I will laugh along because I have confidence the END IT Movement is the sparkplug that will bring about the abolition of modern day slavery. I will laugh along because once again God has proved himself faithful in the midst of my circumstances. Indeed, I rejoice with the saints and angels as we proclaim, “I feel alive! I come alive! I am alive, on God’s Great Dance Floor!

7:11: Let the Future Begin!

Your Friend, Derek Kim
Acts 20:24

Author: Derek Kunhee Kim (김건희/金健熙)

Pilgrim in Process. Univ. of San Diego Law. Retired Compassion Intern + Michigan State Tracklete. Novi HS Alumnus. Author of Four Years, Two Roads. Aspirant Polyglot.

3 thoughts on ““One of the most breathtaking instances of my life.” (God’s Great Dance Floor)”

  1. Hi!

    I have had a similar experience with you as well, (with God’s Great Dance Floor resonating through the soul, as if hallucinatingly hearing it) but with mainly freedom and that ‘microscopic taste of heaven’ that you just described.. Have had similar questions as well, being a pursuing Cell Leader, and a struggling should-be-college-but-working-as-of-now kid. but then, God sort of just blazed through me this past week, with 1) A very powerful verse that is poised to carry me throughout the year and for more years to come until it reaches its fulfillment, and 2) Well, God’s Great Dance Floor. I have never been to the concert but just the truth of the Spirit moving through it makes me really burst into colors and well, awkward dance moves. but it doesn’t really matter, does it?!! 😀 We’re dancin’ to the sounds of His own patented otherworldly freedom. BTW, the verse was Habakkuk 3:2, about Habakkuk crying out to God to renew in his (Habakkuk’s) days the deeds of God (I see it like the parting of the red sea, the exodus, Jericho, and the many wonders) and somehow it resonated as well with me, had myself praying, ‘God, renew in our days your power and your deeds, because You’re the same God who made all those things singlehandedly by your grace and power;’ specifically I prayed for my CellGroup, about the abundance of power and the salvation of many souls and the releasing into leadership of my Cell Members. 😀 am very happy with this post, really felt a connection through the same Spirit that lets us cry, ‘You never stop loving us no matter how far we’ve run.’ Hope to be in touch with you sir!


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