Compassion International: Poverty’s Unglamorous Juggernaut

Poverty is never glamorous. Yet we often expect its remedy to be.

Isn’t this the root of the socialistic mindset that has failed secular humanitarian work through the ages? Demanding immediate foreseeable results while neglecting the patience necessary to holistic development. Holistic is the key premise there. Man is in essence a spiritual being. It’s more than feeding mouths or quenching thirsts; the heart issue must be addressed. The impoverished need hope in their help. To neglect that reality is to render development and aid ultimately feeble.

Poverty is first and foremost a spiritual issue. Without this acknowledgement, humanitarian aid will simply be another coat of paint over a decaying infrastructure. Relieving children from poverty is not the same as releasing children from poverty; the Gospel is the only thing that can break this awful cycle.

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