Midterms, Stomach Virus, Proverbs 3:5-6

This past week was midterm week at Yonsei.

It was also the week my body contracted a mysterious stomach virus that left me bedridden and sent me to the hospital, unable to study with the effort required to achieve the Christ-glorifying results I endeavor toward. Not exactly the best timing, right?

Midterms shouldn't mean IVs. but they did this time around!
Midterms shouldn’t mean IVs. but they did this time around!

I faced a thick temptation to complain, pity, say that it’s “not fair.”

So I waged war against all negative, pessimistic thoughts by memorizing this verse in my native tongue. And it proved to be a great  weapon in the fight against doubt, anger, and frustration. Hmm, that sounds familiar. Sword, spirit.

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