10 Thoughts from Korea

Culture and Gospel intersect at the school I am studying abroad at, that’s for sure. Yonsei was founded by American Christian missionaries in 1885.

1. Culture and the Gospel: Where do they intersect? More importantly, where do they both manifest without compromising one another? It’s a question that believers have tried to answer for generations. And it’s a question that hits me smack dab as I immerse myself in my native culture after a 15 year hiatus.

2. Living in a city is my preference. I’ve always enjoyed the hustle and bustle that the constant stimulation 10 million other neighbors provide. But after spending three months crevassed between the Rocky Mountains, I will admit I took the clean air for granted.

3. The Gospel is marvelously consistent. These truths penetrate regardless of native tribe or tongue. Creation beckons of its Creator (Romans 8:19-23). Man is fallen (Romans 3:9-18). Jesus’ blood provides the only remedy (Romans 6:23). Don’t take my word for it. Witness it for yourself, wherever in the world you are.

4. There is a close correlation between how much you care for a brother and how fervently you pray for him.

5. Korean food is so good. I know that’s a subjective claim, but it is hard to find food that is tasty and much as it is healthy.

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